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Social Responsability of Servatur

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Our CSR is the result of a business philosophy that guides with success the Servatur Group along the road of continuous excellence. We scrupulously carry out our social responsibilities, integrating in the community which we carry out our activities and respecting the surrounding environment. However we consider that this is definitely not enough and we involve ourselves deeply in certain aspects that concern us and are interesting to us for different reasons.

We are obliged to carry out a sustainable business activity. This implies approaching important but vital changes if we are to have a future. We know that the era of renovation of the tourist industry has passed to that of “Innovation or death” without many promoters having taken note.

  • The energy crisis, the climate change, and the need to set up clean and efficient technology that avoids producing more CO2 and helps the saving of energy has motivated us to undertake important measures in this direction.

One of the centres of action has been the improvement of efficiency in the use of energy in the establishments that we manage. For this we have carried out energy audits of the establishments and a first pilot project to improve the installations of the hot water supply and heating of the swimming pools..

  • The environment. Our obligation assumes a series of measures that conform to an environmental behaviour in all areas of the business summed up in a basic document titled “The 50 steps for a good environment”.

We are conscious of our responsibility with the surrounding environment, for this we carry out our action in different areas of influence.

From the department of Education and Quality, Servatur has been accepted in the Network of Businesses Committed with the Environment after having taken part in the Environmental Education for the Hotel Sector.

From the Purchasing Department, we inform our suppliers of our interest in the Environment, requesting from them specifications about their products that comply with environmental quality. From the Sales Department we collaborate continuously with the Tour Operators and our clients in environmental programmes.

From the Department of Internal and External Communication we carry out a permanent campaign in order to reach our employees, clients and collaborators our environmental policy. From the Department of Innovation, the projects that Servatur undertakes always have an aspect transversal related with the saving of energy and the care of the environment.

  • We know the importance and need of investment in Research and Development in the business area of our enterprise. For this Servatur has signed an agreement of Sponsorship in the Canaries Innovation Programme 2020 with the University Foundation of Las Palmas.
  • We take part in the policies of work placement of young university students through an agreement of collaboration with the University Foundation of Las Palmas.
  • The commitment with education in every aspect.It is one of the distinctive features of our business. Servatur signed in 1998 an agreement of collaboration with the Department of Education of the Government of the Canary Islands. An agreement that has allowed the development of an Education Project of Professional Education within the business which until now has given the very best results in aspects very interesting for all sides involved. As part of our Plan of Continuous Education, Servatur regularly receives students for work experience from different education institutions, to those that attend with seriousness and professionalism, conscious of the advantages that it brings for an organization this task in the work place.
  • The accessibility of our tourist destination and of the establishments that we manage extremely concerns us for the economic and social importance that represents the capability or not of attending a segment of the population (Europe and World Wide) that would like to travel and is unable to travel. This reality is extremely unjust for part of the population, but is equally irresponsible and short sighted from the economic point of view. We have the obligation to fight for the diffusion of the culture over accessibility with the courage to overcome the lack of perception about this problem.
  • We are vigilant for the treatment of no discrimination in the policy of remuneration and of internal promotion within the company because we know that these are problems still present in our society.
  • Equally we have carried out an active policy to avoid the abuse of power declaring the unyielding opposition against this practice and offering support to those workers who could be subjected to this practice.

One has to work intensely so that the company is capable of responding to the sudden and swift changes that society and the business world is undergoing. To have success in this task is the best guarantee for the future of an organization.

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