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The Corporate Culture of Servatur

In the present economical world, and more so in our part of the world, not many companies have survived for a long period. In our case we believe this has been possible thanks to our serious way of doing business, as well as our efforts to create a lasting professional team of employees. We like to think about ourselves as enthusiastic persons who love our work and with a service attitude, and that we make great efforts to reach greater states of well being through the sane economy of our company. We are dedicated hotel people and therefore our main activity is the administration and exploitation of tourist hotel establishments. Our key words are the following:

The Client

Our main target is to obtain the full satisfaction of our clients, and our clients are the following: the clients who physically stay with us, the tour operators and travel agencies with whom we work and the owners of the establishments we are running. Our motto is:

“the client comes first, second, third...”

Internal Customer

Our principal social responsability consists of a very unconventional Human Resources policy where we work not only to reach the companie’s economic objectives but at the same time to work towards personal development goals for the employees’ economic and social wellbeing, thanks to training, internal promotion and participation.

Honesty and Professionalism

These are our principal characteristics and the two values we cultivate the most, and we do our very best that they are present in all our activities.


Since the very beginning our company has maintained a pioneer spirit, adapting the most advanced resources in all the aspects of our entrepreneurial activities.


The entrepreneurial competency of Servatur is achieved thanks to the progressive improvement of the professional competency of all its team members.


Servatur enjoys a considerable experience gained through more than 30 years within the Canarian hotel management sector..


Servatur was one of the first Canarian hotel companies to include new technologies in its organisation by mechanising and computerising the entire operation, and at the same time elaborating its own hotel management programs.


In Servatur we are working actively to achieve that our business is carried out within the frame of a scrupulous respect for the environment


Servatur is an organisation that learns, and therefore maintains a avant-garde attitude which permits us to adapt without problems to the challenges of the 21st century.


The great motivation and the eagerness of all our workers to do a well-done job, are what make us different.

Continuous Education

This is the fundamental value to achieve our target to improve our quality, since our profession is linked to a constant as to what the client demands. If we want to stay in market which is constantly more competitive and globalised, we have to increase and renovate our professional competence to adapt to the necessities of the future.


Our organisation is flexible and big enough to expand our activities in a controlled manner within the Canary Islands.

Social Responsability

It is our wish to comply scrupulously with our social responsability and integrate ourselves in the community in which we are carrying out our activities, as well as respecting fully the environment.

Reasonable Benefits

Without benefits our company would not be able to attend its social responsibilities. In our case we are looking for some reasonable benefits enabling us to capitalise the investments made.

Controlled Risks

Every business has its risks, but we prefer to be conservative in this respect; therefore we also accept smaller benefits.

Enjoying our Work

We want to work hard, but in a relaxed ambience, and with pleasant relations between us.

Contact information

  • Phone: +34 928 152 777
  • Fax: +34 928 150 118
  • E-mail: servatur@servatur.com
  • Address: Doramas nº 4
  • Patalavaca 35129 - Mogán
  • Gran Canaria - España

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